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Wall Wikipedia.
weall, an Old English word for wall. The term wall comes from Latin vallum meaning an" earthen wall or rampart set with palisades, a row or line of stakes, a wall, a rampart, fortification" while the Latin word murus means a defensive stone wall.
WALL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
if a business goes to the wall, it goes bankrupt.: After twelve months of big losses, the company went to the wall. hit the wall. Definition of wall from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of wall.
wall Wiktionary.
From Middle English wall, from Old English weall wall, dike, earthwork, rampart, dam, rocky shore, cliff, from Proto-Germanic wallaz, wall wall, rampart, entrenchment, from Latin vallum wall, rampart, entrenchment, palisade, from Proto-Indo-European wel to turn, wind, roll. Perhaps conflated with waw a wall within a house or dwelling, a room partition, from Middle English wawe, from Old English wg, wh an interior wall, divider, see waw.
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Wall Definition of Wall by Merriam-Webster.
5: a material layer enclosing space the wall of a container heart walls. 6: something resembling a wall as in appearance, function, or effect especially: something that acts as a barrier or defense a wall of reserve tariff wall. off the wall.

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